A Guide To Esoteric Bars On Long Island That Didn't Make It

I haven't gigged on Long Island in quite some time. Having lived and worked in NYC, I came to feel that anything I would do would fall on deaf ears on LI.. Briefly, though, there existed a time when esoteric thought and ideas really flourished, and you couldn't imagine walking into a pub and saying "I Think, Therefore I Am" without having to throw down and call on your buddies for backup.


Spot Comments
Madame Blavatsky's
126-52 Front St, Wantagh
Blavatsky's catered to the seeker in all of us. Bars currently succeeding with an "Empiricists Drink Free" promotion owe a debt to Nora, who coined the phrase and started it all.
Rt 110, Huntington
Just hearing the name takes you back to a time when ordering your first round was necessarily accompanied by a full exposition of beliefs and ideas that led you to that place and moment in time; followed by a short discourse on man's place in the universe and one's own place within it. This was inevitably rewarded with a round of Kamikazee's.
P. D. Ouspensky's
Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn
No matter where you spent the rest of the week, P.D.'s was the place to be Thursday nights for Ladies Night, Jello Shots, and "Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering". P.D.'s was closed when Gurdjieff's famous "Stop" exercise led to the drowning of a man who was drinking from a jumbo beer stein  (boot).
7789 Powell Ave, Bethpage
Sadly, a theme bar based around the works of the man who wrote "As I Lay Dying" never really got off the ground. Wednesday's "Imbibe and Reflect" promotion suffered at the hands of neighbor pub Boogles, who fought back with "How About If I Show You My Breasts?" Night, which did surprisingly well.
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