The Black And White Of It


Sporkfly is a place for Al Katkowsky to do whatever he likes. "Everyone should have such a place", says Al, feigning speech in the third person.


Al memorized all of the Presidents at age 8, starred in his class play at age 10, and learned Transcendental Meditation at age 12. Playing guitar, however, remained out of reach. Each of those years, he picked up the classic Gibson J-45 that came into the house and attempted to hold down the strings. He couldn't. "I was heartbroken", he says now. "I could pick out melodies, but would have to stop because of the pain. I couldn't imagine how people did it. I found out later that the guitar had heavy gauge strings; an absolute death knell for a beginner." Al's beginning was delayed until age 14 when he saw a Fender Telecaster in a friend's basement. "It all seemed possible again". Al changed his strings and forged ahead.


Al Katkowsky's first demos were recorded with Mark Kramer at the original Noise NY studios on 34th St in NYC. Kramer, who recommended that Al release the tapes on his own, shortly thereafter launched the underground legend ShimmyDisc label from the same location. These sessions were preceded and followed by several residential guitar courses with Robert Fripp at his then recently begun Guitar Craft seminars that took place in West Virginia . .....................Al then formed a trio that was his main band for the next quite a few years. After establishing themselves and their sound in clubs in and around NY, the group concocted a radical approach to succeed: the three of them relocated to London, England where they worked, lived, gigged and recorded for six months. Their visas expired, and they returned with their recording, which they pressed and distributed here and in the UK.. Well paying college gigs, airplay and interviews resulted, and the band fully immersed itself in the DIY spirit. .............A personnel change, a successful yet taxing legal action against an English teeny bopper band, and more recording followed. Stressed, and seeking new direction, the band went its separate ways. .................

Here, for the first time, Al presents his new music.

Al also plays guitar for Ether Park.

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