The results of the Deli Poll are in

The question: Does the New Counter Person at the Deli 
(or regional equivalent) give you
a) Too Much
b) Not Enough

The Results surprised even Me.


Web participant "N" had this to say:

"hmm..... now that's a question! I supposed it has more to do with the relationship you might have had with the person who used to be behind the counter. For example, the old person behind the counter was a nice old Jewish man who always wanted to fix you up with his useless grandson. "But such potential he has!" Well................. I can't help but wonder if you think you were recently slighted in someway?"

Victimization and Alienation played a large role in the responses received. This from "K":

"By the way, at the risk of offending many of those who responded...................... Anyone answering A or B just thinks to much of themselves. They probably take it personally when a traffic light turns red "on them" just as their car gets there too. "

Completely understandable. But "K", I think, didn't catch the intended spirit of the question and read it straight on; it inadvertently implies that "too much" is a burden of sorts. Discovering that the new person gives too much is, in fact, a windfall. Further to this, standard practice dictates that one should wait for the new person, avoiding at all costs the experienced counter person. "Oh, I haven't decided yet", is what you tell them.


Back, back I say.........