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Pitchfork: "............. is acting something you would consider doing?

Chan: No. My mom sent me to an acting workshop................... [adopts a haughty voice] 'Okay, pretend that you're waiting on a phone call. Okay? And when you hear the phone ring, answer the phone and just let it out.' And it was just like, fucked up. If that's what acting's all about then it's phony. Yuck, no.............."   - Chan Marshall



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Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear


"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."
- Hunter S. Thompson

(Above, forwarded from Michael T, Epitome Of Coolness himself.)



Friday, March 03, 2006


Lemons As Currency
Current mood: Tangential Relapse

hoegaarden  /  belgium  /  THE ORIGINAL BELGIAN WHITE BEER

So said the menu, but we got it on recommendation, as Sue and I found ourselves on familiar ground for the first time in a long time, Telephone Bar on 2nd Ave between 9th and 10th, NYC.

We sat down for a late meal last Sunday, and the table next to us seemed to be occupied with a few inebriators who'd been in residence for a while. One guy had his head more or less glued to the table. A woman approaches the table and says, "Okay, two doors down" in somewhat of an authoritative voice. She is tall as well; Sue looks as if she is going to join them for a moment.

The woman leans over towards us slightly and says, "The fries here are superb." We nod our appreciative thanks. She then goes on to recommend the Hoegaarden, featuring in her description the accompanying lemon wedge. Then, without a flinch or any sense of intended deceit, she says, "Lemons were used as currency in concentration camps because they are so rich in vitamins."   .........and with that, she walks back to her table.

We were only too glad to believe her for the moment, having been so entertained, and possibly infused with new information. At home, I manipulated combinations of words in Google as many ways as I could come up with, only to find absolutely no backup for her story whatsoever. I only hope she thought it was true, or that she is slowly rewriting history via urban legend rumor virus. The fries were superb, but you are far better. Thank you, wherever you are.



Monday, January 1  2006

Brunch Is Not To Be Taken Lightly

Got some food and sat in with some friends for Beatle Brunch.



Wednesday, September 21

Save The Drama For The Brahma

"That's it", as far as people telling me they abhor drama, yet they instinctively create it, having learned this pattern earlier than they care to access. I have plenty of patience for trouble, and little for ignorance.

If Brahma doesn't work out, then perhaps the Dalai Lama.


The Lama

I was already getting a good vibe on The Lama. When I read this, I smiled broadly because I felt I could really trust him.

From a recent book "The Wisdom of Forgiveness" by HH the Dalai Lama, And Victor Chan:

(HH talks about a story he heard regarding a young Tibetan who was 16 years old whose father had been a freedom fighter and had killed some Chinese soldiers. At sixteen, he was not of age to be punished yet, but was in prison awaiting execution when he would come of age. In revenge, the officer beat the young boy with an iron rod before he was to be executed. The story upset HH very much. What follows is a quote from HH regarding the incident.)

"The Dalai Lama relaxed, slumping against the back of his armchair. Then he said, unprompted: "But if I was on the spot and meet the Chinese soldier, the officer who beat that boy...If I was there, and I have gun, then I don't know.." He raised his right hand from its resting position an his abdomen, finger holding an imaginary gun. A mischievous smile played across his lips.

"Such moment, I may shoot the Chinese, " the Dalai Lama said, shrugging his shoulders. He lifted his arms and spread them wide. Then he started to chuckle.

I didn't share the laughter. It was a stretch for me to imagine the scenario. I asked the Dalai Lama: "Even with your Buddhist training?"

"Possible. Under tense circumstances, possible. Sometimes, thinking comes later. Action comes first."



Thursday, September 15

I Am Open To Anything

It's funny when you hear what devices people use to get their shit together, or just get their heads on straight to get into task mode, or just to mellow out. Something I do once in a while is I'll go to Barnes and Noble, which is what I did tonight. I know it will raise my energy level, if I'm not frivolous with my time and brain waves. I'm telling you, a few wrong moves and you are suddenly playing psychic bumper cars.....maybe with yourself.

So, for various reasons, and to help me get the most of my time there, I said to myself, "I am open to anything". And it is interesting that I didn't limit the statement to books. And.....I met a witch. No, not in a manner of speaking. A witch like a witch, witch.

Not that she would have used that term, necessarily. I was in the area of the store where you would find books along those lines; I think I had a Shakti Gawain book, one of the ones I'd never read. And she and her friend walk around in back of me and she starts commenting about one of the authors. And she just starts talking to me about what's good to check out, and we shared some sources, I showed her my favorite Joseph Weed book. We're on somewhat different paths. But the energy ran high, not too high, just enough to put me in a good place.

And I was ready.



Friday, August 19


And now, sitting here working, I hear The Who on the TV in the background. They are selling a car. The good feelings surrounding The Who are being channeled. Okay, I dig.

Bob Dylan said in an interview in the 70's that he thought that in England, there should be a monument to The Beatles, and he meant,  like, statues and whatnot. I always felt the same about The Who; and when we lived there, I didn't understand that their influence seemed to be none and nothing. They meant so much to me in my late teens/early 20's. Full of answers and sustenance.

So, when and if you have a problem with this car that you have purchased, does a track from Face Dances go off, to mirror your shock, grief and embarrassment? This has got to be a two way street, n'est pas?




Thursday, July 21

Because She Knows What She's Talking About, For One Thing

"Attachment to obligation through guilt and regret....
Shit, that's so wet"                                                

 - "Private Life"  Chrissy Hynde (The Pretenders)




Wednesday, June 29

From A Letter, Unsent (slightly edited)

I was sitting alone on the beach Sunday afternoon ........I re-read Anne Lamott's "Traveling Mercies".  I put a bunch of sand in my hands and pushed my hands into the beach. It's no cliche; I had a feeling of being "grounded". And I "asked", which is something I do. Asking, for me, is a combination of going deep within myself, prayer, speaking to one's guides, etc. And shortly thereafter, I knew. I knew (what I had to). And I got up and went home.

...a woman stopped me on my way out. "How long do you meditate for?" "Oh", I laughed, "I wasn't". Funny too because later, I thought "maybe she knew better than I".




Wednesday, May 18

Faux Blog

How honest, or not, is online blogging, journaling and diaries? Tell you why, because you people ain't getting sh*t outta me, I'll tell you that right now. When I think of how many things I'm not saying here, especially lately, I know you people are getting shafted.

There was a premise that went with the word "diary" when I first noticed and began reading the online diary of a favorite guitarist of mine a number of years ago. After three years, I found it notable that the man never fought, or even disagreed with, his wife. Surely, that would impact ones day, you see. Had it happened.

So, who is getting my "real stuff"? I'm spread out. Some of it really does go here. There is some personal journaling that I do, partially as a writing exercise and partially as a mental health vacation. A recent letter to a friend was fairly info-packed as well.

And, what do ya know? Some stuff works it's way into the songs. Imagine that.....

Stay tunes, folks. I'll spill.



Wednesday, May 4

Feed Your Head

Currently reading and enjoying "Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott. She's like popular in a secret kind of way.

Anne Lamott



Sunday, April 10

Actual Writing

Went to a zine site and found some actual writing. I noticed the difference right away, fortunately. I've read so much blogging in the past few months that I'm accustomed to reading peoples straight talking, paragraphing, etc., which I enjoy and support. And some blogging does get there. But, for the most part,  this is a notch above, for me.

Same author here, also.


Thursday, April 7

I like The Kites.

Also here.

(note: now defunct. Amazing Long Island band from 2005-6)


Monday, February 21

Gonzo Death Toll


In the very first bio stat sheet I ever put together (late 80's), I listed a handful of influences, musical and non-musical. Amongst them were Abbie Hoffman and Hunter Thompson. Now, they are both dead by their own decision, Thompson opting out yesterday.


This weighs with me. There has been suicide in my family, and I think many of us have been face to face with the feeling that we can't stop feeling bad, no matter what we try. And that, I sincerely feel, is the driver: the idea that whatever suffering is being experienced has no end, and cannot end.

Please, if you know anyone in this situation, pass along that one small idea. It may just help. Knowing that may add some balance, enough to make a better decision.