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Sporkfly News:  October 28 - December 3


October 28, 2003

The debut CD from Sporkfly is released on October 28, 2003. 
It is a three song EP, and has been sent to 150 CMJ reporting stations for assimilation into the general consciousness.

 This is not easily achieved, but we are optimistic.

1. You Never Will   3:14
2. Books About Writers  4:48
3. Just Got Wind   5:16


November 19, 2003

In its third week, the Sporkfly EP is added to 20 station rotations, from California to New York and Connecticut.


November 26, 2003

"Sporkfly" has gained it's first CMJ Top 30 chart positions:
 at WRFT (#24), and M3Radio(#6).
 Thanks to all of those who are taking the time to listen to the CD, and giving it a chance to be heard..

"Sporkfly" has been reported to CMJ as one of the Top 5 Adds by:

       WDTS #1, KMSC #1, WDCC #1,

WTGP #1, WVMW #1, WXLV #1, WRFT #1, WARG #1, WGCC #1,

M3RADIO #1, KRCX #2, KMUD #5, WSAM #5, WBUQ #5, and KURA #5.


December 3

It was a half week for many, but still there was progress. All stations that have reviewed the CD have added it into rotation, now totaling 47. 15 of those reported a Top 5 add for the week to CMJ, in spite of a known reluctance to do so for an EP. In many of those cases, the EP was listed over established artists such as Ricki Lee Jones and Moby. Why it became my job to beat up on Moby is anyone's guess, I thought that was Eminem's job. That's okay, I don't mind.

In addition to the original stations that were sent copies of the CD,  various others have heard about it and requested their own, which were sent out this week.






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