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Smartphone Video Project



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You like free stuff? I love me some free stuff.

We're going to make you a free smartphone video. 
All you have to do is 
1) say Yes, 
2) contact us
3) provide details 
4) give us feedback. 

We are making ten of these for free, two to three minutes in length.

If you could have a custom video on your phone right now, what would you use it for?

- Something you are studying. If you are studying anything that is straight text for school or work, a short video combining some text with some other images and some of your favorite music blasting in the background will lock that info into your memory every time you think of the music. We can add voiceover, too. Give it a try. We will do a revision or two if needed. Watch it several times a day and see what happens.

- Something you want to change  Be the director of your own conditioning video. Send some images, other media. We'll discuss the topic. One of us will do voiceover for you. Again, repetitions are key.

- Something you want to be reminded of that feels good to be reminded of throughout the day  Could be anything...

Again, contact us here.



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